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CRC Women's Swap Party

Wednesday, September 27th 7-9 PM

Sandy Spring Meeting House Lyceum Room

17810 Meeting House Road
Sandy Spring, MD 20860

The planning committee is so excited about our upcoming Women's Swap Party! We are looking forward to a fun evening of building community, getting to know one another better, free thrift “shopping” and helping local women’s charities!

If you've not been to a Swap Party, it is a fun way to clean out your own closet and replace unused items with cool new things without spending any money. The saying “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure” is the essence of this kind of exchange. Something that you are tired of wearing or does not fit you anymore could be exactly what someone else has been looking for to complete a look in her own wardrobe. Kindly take some time in the next few weeks to look through your things and contribute items to the swap. 

How does it work?

• Bring at least one item of clothing, pair of shoes, or accessory to swap. Feel free to collect items for the swap from other friends who are eager to clean out their closets. For items needing to be hung up, please donate with a hanger. Advanced donations can be made at church meetings beginning Wednesday, September 6th or contact Lauren Schamaun 480.495.6595 to coordinate a direct drop off at her house.

• The items donated should be clean and of good quality-no rips or stains. Bring items you love but you’d like to pass on to a good home. 

• Once you arrive, the items will be arranged by type and size and displayed for everyone to choose from and try on. Wearing camisoles and leggings may make it easier for you to try on items quickly. We will have limited semi-private spaces for fitting. If you’re in the market for shoes, it may be helpful to wear or have socks.

• Everyone will have an opportunity to “shop” from the items regardless of how many items you contribute. However, the more everyone brings, the more fun we’ll have. You will want to bring bags or a bin to carry home your new finds. 

Where will unclaimed items be donated?

Professional/business attire, shoes and accessories will be donated to A Wider Circle and Success in Style, organizations that assist individuals seeking employment as part of their overall mission. 

Casual attire, shoes and accessories will be donated to local charities at the discretion of the volunteers who assist with the drop offs.

In addition to the items we are swapping, we will be taking up a collection of new and gently used bras for I Support the Girls.

How can I help?

We have many needs for volunteers to help ensure a successful event. Please click here to check out our volunteer page. If there’s a way you can help, please fill your name in! 


In addition, we are looking to borrow clothing racks from people for displaying clothing. If you have one you’d be willing to loan, please let us know!


We’ll also be requesting items for our refreshments for the evening. More info about that will be coming soon!

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